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New Music Video

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Brazen-Faced is a multifaceted artist, known for his talents as a singer, rapper, songwriter, music mix master, and also digital media designer. He has contributed significantly to the music scene by mixing and mastering all tracks from Brazen and Marmot, as well as designing some of their artwork covers.

Brazen-Faced's songwriting style is characterized by its unfiltered honesty and directness, earning him the moniker "Brazen-Faced." He fearlessly tackles any topic and conveys his opinions through his lyrics, which are often described as "brazen" and unapologetic. His unique approach has earned him a dedicated fan base and critical acclaim.

One of Brazen-Faced's trademarks is his ability to craft unforgettable hooks that stay with listeners long after the song has ended. He infuses his choruses with a melodic quality that showcases his strong vocal range and leaves a lasting impression on audiences.

Through his diverse talents and uncompromising artistic vision, Brazen-Faced has made a significant impact on his music and development. He continues to inspire new generations of artists.

Don't break your own rules.

Everything happens for a reason.


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Marmot is a rising artist in the rap scene, known for his exceptional skills and sophisticated approach to rhyming. His lyrics are raw and high-level, often incorporating intricate rhyme schemes that demonstrate his mastery of the craft. One of his signature techniques involves rhyming on a single word throughout an entire verse, creating a mesmerizing effect that captivates audiences.

Marmot's deep and bass-filled voice is instantly recognizable and adds a unique dimension to his music. He derived his stage name from the marmot,

a small animal known for its calm and quiet demeanor. Brazen-Faced once called him "Marmot" due to his reserved character, and the nickname stuck.

Marmot is also known by his nickname "Young Sirgit," which is a recurring theme in some of his lyrics. His music reflects his experiences and insights, often touching on topics that resonate with his listeners.


In addition to his rap skills, Marmot is also an accomplished composer and producer, often producing his own music-instrumentals. His compositions reflect his dedication to his craft, incorporating innovative beats and captivating melodies that elevate his music to new heights.

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