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"2 Parter" album snippet

Keep It Real



Producer, song writer, artist, designer, photographer and video editor.

Brazen produces (masters) all Brazen and Marmot tracks, also designs the song covers and the photos of them and sometimes even works on the video production.

His lyrics are "brazen" that's why he named himself Brazen-Faced because that's how he writes and raps. He says what he thinks.

Usually you know Brazen for his sudden sung parts in his verses.

His motto:

- Keep it real, never be fake!

- Everything happens for a reason





Marmot, composer, song writer, artist.

He composes all Brazen-Faced & Marmot songs.

His lyrics are raw, high level and he spits hard on every song.

Verses often begin with the same phrase "Yo this is Marmot". 

Marmot named himself by the name of the animal marmot.

After Brazen called him one time "Marmot". The reason for that is his character, he's a very calm and quiet person.

You might have noticed his nickname "Young Sirgit"

This name appears sometimes in his lyrics.



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