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Album "2 Parter" by Brazen-Faced & Marmot
Album "2 Parter" by Brazen-Faced & Marmot


“New Era” is more or less a freestyle-album, what means that Brazen-Faced & Marmot created almost every song through a spontaneous freestyle in the studio. Play an instrumental, press the record button and so it starts. Sometimes they recorded the freestyle, deleted the music again, played their vocals solo and composed a new melody / “beat” to it. A very exciting way of creating music and the result is more than just Hip-Hop. It’s musical achievements on a whole new level.

Welcome to a NEW ERA…

2 parter

Usually Brazen-Faced & Marmot work together on every single song, but this time they thought to switch things around. Each of them has plenty of solo songs. More than that, they have been working separately and didn’t know about the other ones music projects.

As both were done they came back together and compounded their solo-tracks with songs they worked on together. 

That’s why they called the album “2 Parter” to show the difference between them working together and solo.

New Skool

The “New Skool” EP is actually the Bonus-EP of “Warm Nights”.

After Brazen-Faced & Marmot dropped “Warm Nights” in summer 2017, they decided to produce “New Skool”, because “WM” has been a shorter album.

Brazen-Faced & Marmot produced the whole EP within one week.

Warm Nights

While the production of “Warm Nights” Marmot had to leave town for a few weeks. So he wrote and recorded all his verses before he left. Brazen produced and published then the album in the time Marmot was gone.

Brazen added secretly another song to the album “Green Light”, a solo track of himself produced by “Six10beats”, as a little surprise for Marmot when the album gets published.

Marmot really appreciated that and so the idea of a split album was created and lead them to “2 Parter” the album, which was published half a year later in Jan 2018.

Full Speed

Full Speed, the album to show their love to cars.

Street-races, foreign cars, burning rubber and loud engines and bubbling exhausts. 

Brazen-Faced & Marmot’s heart is beating for cars, sports cars ONLY. 

Not only with the music they represent passion, also the album-artwork shows them with ripped t-shirts. But it’s not naked skin what lies beneath, it’s a 645 HP

strong engine of the limited and rare Dodge Viper ACR.

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