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Already as they were young, Brazen-Faced & Marmot started to be interested in 

Hip-Hop/Rap-music. So they began really early learning some about the Rap-Game.

It got really deep as they decided to produce their own music. As they produced their first album, Marmot was only 10 years old at the time and Brazen about 13 years.

After that experience they realized that's exactly what they wanted to do for the rest of their lives. Years passed, albums dropped and nowadays they're producing like they've never done something different and even built up their own studio - B&M Productions.

Brazen-Faced & Marmot are real self-made musicians - they're doing everything on their own. Marmot is the composer, he's playing drums since he's 6 years old and taught himself to play the piano. Brazen produces, mixes, and masters their music.

Of course all lyrics are written also by Brazen-Faced & Marmot, exactly like their records which are also done by them. Even their CD and music covers are designed by Brazen. Brazen-Faced & Marmot created their own motto which goes by the name of "A.N.D.O.R.". "A.N.D.O.R." are the beginning letters of the sentence "A New Dimension Of Rap". Brazen-Faced & Marmot wanna show with this motto how unique their music is. They take Hip-Hop/Rap to another level - "in a way people haven't heard Rap-music before."


B&M Productions

Brazen-Faced & Marmot


Producing American Hip-Hop/Rap Music.

The label was founded by Brazen-Faced and his brother Marmot.

They called the label B&M Productions,

what stands for Brazen-Faced & Marmot Productions.

They're composing, writing, producing, editing, recording, mixing and mastering everything on their own. Also the covers and some of their videos are usually done by B&M.

And sell digital downloads on platforms like Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, GooglePlay and many more worldwide.

They created the A.N.D.O.R. movement,

which leads Rap-music to another level.

The letters A-N-D-O-R are standing for their motto "A New Dimension Of Rap" 



B&M Productions



Alexander Soliman

Sebastian Soliman 









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