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Let’s start at the very beginning of Brazen-Faced & Marmot’s journey.


It all began in elementary school, where Brazen and his homie recorded themselves on his old computer. His friend was beatboxing and he was freestyle rapping. This was still in Brazen’s mother tongue - German.

Coming into middle school, Brazen started listening to American Hip-Hop with his influences being Bone Thugs-N-Harmony and Ludacris.

Out of interest, he tried learning the at this time very popular song “Ridin’”.

He was shocked about himself because he managed to learn the entire song within a few hours.

A few weeks later he performed this song at school in music class.

The act, especially the fast rap, was jaw-dropping and the reaction of the whole class was priceless, especially of the girls.

At this very moment, Brazen realized his talent and knew he wanted to be a rapper and do music for the rest of his life.

For a school project about the student's personal life, he wrote a song about himself, which would become the first music video in the history of


But he didn’t have any equipment. So Brazen asked his brother’s drum teacher, Aleks T. if he could help. He agreed. Together they composed a song to his lyrics and Aleks mixed Brazen’s first own song.

During the sessions, Aleks quickly discovered Brazen’s talent and knew he had to support this raw crystal to become a shining diamond. So he told him in return he wants Brazen to help out in one of his youth bands because their rapper canceled the summer festival. 

The gig was a whole success and Brazen was sure he wants to play again next year, but not just as a guest rapper. He wants his own band!

During summer vacation he and his brother Marmot bought themselves some music equipment, to be able to create and record their songs. That same vacation, they created their debut album together, containing 12 tracks. Proudly they burned some CDs and printed a cover for them. 

At that time Brazen was about 14 years old and Marmot 11. After the vacation, they got back in touch with Aleks T., who was about to be their band coach. Brazen-Faced & Marmot founded their first band “Stone-Heaven”.

They practiced all year to perform songs at the next summer festival. At first, it was songs by Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, Ludacris, and Tech N9ne. Every year was a bigger success, even if the hall was kind of empty; after Brazen-Faced & Marmot's gig, the hall was filled with an enthusiastic audience. Contemporaneous Brazen and Marmot kept on working on their albums. The third one was a double album, which they started selling in the streets.

The gigs and their work made them a name in their hometown in Germany, where people started to recognize them.

A little later, their best friend Hooded-Man joined Stone-Heaven as a guitarist.

Brazen-Faced & Marmot also had multiple girls joining the band, but none of them matched their energy. Except for Denise, she even stood a few times on stage with them and until this day she is a pleasant feature on their albums.

Brazen and Marmot more and more used band coaching lessons to specialize their songs and take advice from their music teacher. After them only wanting to compose their own music in the band coaching lessons, Aleks T. decided to hand Brazen & Marmot over to his colleague Markus B., who is a music teacher for youngsters and grownups. Markus took over as their new coach. It was awesome, in almost every lesson they walked out with a new song.

Marmot, who has played the drums since six years old and taught himself to play the piano, was no longer on the drums at concerts. Brazen (16) and Marmot (13) performed their songs on stage.

Around this time Brazen and Marmot got banned from the school festivals because the principal had seen them at shows performing their tracks and the lyrics did not comply with the school guidelines anymore. Talking about guns, violence, sex, and drugs.


Now it was time to expand and get online representation going.

Brazen-Faced & Marmot founded their official label “B&M Productions”.

This was a huge step in their career because now they are selling their music on over 70 different streaming platforms. It first started with a few singles. This was around the time when Brazen joined the Film & Photography University, so he was then able to create their artwork.


At the University Brazen met Sebastian Bässler. Sebastian had listened to the few singles which were online at the time and was immediately aware of their talent and told them to keep pushing.

As one of the first online available albums dropped, "Full Speed”, Brazen-Faced & Marmot got together with Sebastian and another colleague to shoot their first music video to ever be online. It was the song “I'll never be in Hell”. This is also when their friendship started.

Over the following years, multiple albums dropped and music video after music video got shot.

Not only the music but also the videos became increasingly professional. What was once a friendship is now a small family.

The productions and every single project grew rapidly and Brazen-Faced & Marmot announced Sebastian Bässler to be their manager.

The music video productions transformed from shooting outdoors to real film studios.

They also started online campaigns to reach more people and increase their music streams.


During the corona pandemic in 2020, Marmot moved to Latvia, which made it impossible for him and Brazen to catch up. Nevertheless, they managed to do music together. Each was working on a solo album, on which the other should be an important feature. Marmot released his album “Dark Lights” in 2021. The same year in summer Marmot moved back to Germany; this was when Brazen published his album “Lone Warrior”.


These days we’re counting 10 studio albums and 22 EPs/singles available online of Brazen-Faced & Marmot. (State 2021)


Marmot is known for his overwhelming rap skills and sophisticated rhyme technique.

Brazen is recognizable by his melodic and powerful hooks.


You can imagine the music of Brazen-Faced & Marmot like a diary. It's about what's going on in their lives and what they’re dealing with. That's why no album sounds like another and neither do their tracks. Each release is a journey through a certain time of Brazen-Faced & Marmot's life. With diversified songs throughout the album.


B&M Productions:

B&M Productions is an independent label founded in 2016 by the dynamic duo, Brazen-Faced and Marmot. Also known as Alexander and Sebastian Soliman. The label specializes in producing American Hip-Hop/Rap music and is named after the founders, with B&M standing for Brazen-Faced & Marmot Productions. The talented pair handles every aspect of music production, from composing, writing, producing, editing, recording, mixing, and mastering, as well as designing some of the cover artwork themselves. B&M Productions has a global presence with their music available on over 70 streaming platforms, including Apple Music, Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Youtube and many more.


Brazen-Faced & Marmot are not only the talented artists behind the label, but they are also the CEOs. B&M Productions has expanded to include their friends and fellow artists, "Denise," "Hooded-Man," and "raYx," who have also been published by the label.


"raYx," also known as Sebastian Bässler, is a self-employed photographer who runs his own company, "S-Baessler Fotodesign." Over the years, he has become an integral part of the B&M Productions team, serving as their music video producer and even manager, responsible for Brazen’s and Marmot's live performances.

Join B&M Productions on their journey to create and share their unique sound with the world.


B&M Productions



Alexander Soliman

Sebastian Soliman 










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